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  • 7 features you need to know about TSLab

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  • Watch the real system work

    In this x8 minutes demo we will demonstrate how to create trend-following algorithm and connect it with additional indicators (such as MACD, SMA). And after that we will test it on ASX index.

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  • Choose the instrument for trade

    Do you prefer FX or CFD. Do you think that your best trade would be in Option and Futures. Or maybe you trust only in Shares? Learn more about advantages and disadvantages of each instruments for algo-trading.

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Hardware and Software Requirements
Visual Editor

We applied technology, which lets you get around the bounds, the other algorithmic trading systems usually have. Just drag-n-drop the blocks, which already contain a part of code, and connect them together.

Risk Management Module

Use Risk Management Module to make sure that all you orders and trades meet your strategy. Just activate your own filters with restrictions and limits.

Built In Technical Indicators

There are hundreds of indicators used by the traders. Let TSLab control the values you set in the indicators not to mix them up.

Test Your Strategies

Your broker can always provide you with historical data, which you can easily use to refine your script. Select the time range, apply indicators and analyze the results.

Verify Your Script Stability

You can use real time data to control your strategy. Apply using current data and see what the results can look like without any loss of money.

Depth of Market

Have a look at the Depth of Market table to know not only the number of buy and sell offers involving the instrument, but their prices as well. The Depth of Market indicates the liquidity of the instrument.

TSLab is an Unique Solution in the World of Algorithmic Trading Systems

Creating TSLab we decided to concentrate on making it very simple and easily understood by any person with any background and education. We believe that everyone who is interested in algorithmic trading can start constructing his own scripts in TSLab nearly in no time.

Earlier it could take you many years of study to be able to program your own trading strategies.

Now we provide a solution for creating your own scripts just spending few hours a week without any need to know programming languages.

The only things you need to know are the market, its trends and indicators.

TSLab just works for you!