Trainer’s Partnership Programme

TSLab, a trading software developer, holding leading positions in the Russian market, expands its presence in other countries. Join our Trainer’s Partnership Programme to be become one of the first trainers teaching TSLab in your region!

Programme participation

Please, fill the short questionnaire. We kindly ask you to give us some personal information about you. In 1-3 working days we will provide you with all necessary information about the Trainers' Partnership Programme.

Partner rating

Granting statuses to trainers is based on their performance in the Trainers’ Partnership Programme. All beginners receive the Bronze status. Later trainers may receive the Silver status or the Gold status. A Trainer’s status is calculated monthly and is based on the following parameters:
  1. grades given by students,
  2. repeat purchases of subscription to the software,
  3. supporting clients in TSLab forum.
The Trainer’s status appears in the Learning section and defines, in which order trainers’s ads are placed on the Learning section.

Formula for rating calculating

Grades given by students (the sum of grades : 5 : the amount of grades)x0.2 + Repeat purchases (the amount of purchases : the amount of new purchases)x0.6 + Supporting clients in TSLab forum (1 for the biggest amount of likes or the amount of likes : the biggest amount of likes)x0.2

Status ratings range

  • Gold – 0,75-1
  • Silver – 0,75 – 0,5
  • Bronze – 0,5 - 0

Promo codes

TSLab allows trainers to generate and distribute promo codes. Using promo codes allows students to purchase subscription to TSLab with discount. Trainers can generate promo codes in their personal TSLab account. Discount size depends on the status the trainer has:
  • 9% "Bronze",
  • 12% "Silver",
  • or 15% "Gold".
The trainer can divide this discount into 2 parts, one of them is discount itself given to a student and the other one is a trainer’s income that can be kept in a trainer’s account at This money can be easily transferred to any trainer’s account whenever it is convenient for him to do so. The amount of repeat purchases is considered in monthly Trainers’ status calculations.
TSLab can unilaterally terminate the trainer’s participation in the Trainers’ Partnership Programme if there are too many negative remarks with respect to the trainer’s courses received from students.