Who we are

TSLab was established in 2010 as a global provider of a dedicated software for backtesting, optimizing and auto-trading. We started off as a team of five highly-motivated partners with years of trading experience under the belt.

Our trading platform meets the stringent industry requirements. It enables novice traders to easily verify their ideas and delivers trading experts a host of features to tweak and tune.

TSLab focuses on easy onboarding with no steep learning curve, smooth user experience, pinpoint accuracy and reliability in trading.

Since its founding, our company has been actively developing and increasing the number of regular users of our product. Currently, our clients can connect to the Moscow and St. Petersburg exchanges through brokers Finam, Alor, BCS, Tinkoff, Ricom, etc. We also provide free access to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, ByBit and OKX. You can view the full list of available connections in your TSLab Personal Account.

As of late 2023, the TSLab team comprises 10+ highly qualified and passionate developers with a strong business domain in algorithmic trading.

We regularly refine and improve our trading terminal and are currently actively working on a new project TSVerse - a marketplace of trading robots for TSLab.


Andrey Artyshko
CEO & Co-founder
Higher education:
1996 - 2002 - Bauman Moscow State Technical University
2007 - at present time - CEO & Co-founder at TSLab.pro
1996 - 2007 - Software engineer in the Moscow office of Wiley
Andrey Demidov
CVO & Co-founder.
Higher education:
1992 - 1999 - Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
2007 - at present time - CVO & Co-founder at tslab.pro.
2005 - 2007 - lead software engineer in the Moscow office of Wiley
1999 - 2005 - software engineer in the Moscow office of Wiley
Pavel Ivchenkov
Senior developer & Co-founder
Higher education:
1990 - 1995 - MSFU, Faculty of Computer Science
2007 - at present time - Senior developer & Co-founder at TSLab.pro.
1998 - 2007 - Senior developer in the Moscow office of Wiley
1985 - 1998 - Chief of sector in the RSC Energia.
Sergey Zaytsev
CTO & Co-founder.
Higher education:
1980 - 1986 - Moscow Aviation Institute
2008 - at present time - Chief technical officer (CTO) at tslab.pro.
2000 - 2008 - system administrator Moscow office of Wiley
1995 - 2000 - system administrator (Podlipki Corporation, Korolev).
1986 - 1995 - leading engineer (RSC Energia).

«Trading Systems Lab», LLC

Business Address:

141090, Moskovskaya obl., Korolyov, Yubileyniy, ul. Pionerskaya d. 1/4.

Registered Office Address:

141070, Moskovskaya obl., Korolyov, pr. Kosmonavtov d. 29/12, korpus 1, kv. 63

Phone number:

+7 (800) 600-68-29