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The new version of TSLab 2.2 is developed on the .NET 8 platform, which is a further evolutionary development of the .NET technology. All new developments and improvements will be available in this version of the program.

TSLab requires Windows® 10 (64 bit) operating system

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TSLab Beta

Download TSLab Beta

The beta version of TSLab is a fully functional non-release version of the product. This version is intended for the purpose of familiarization with the new features of the not yet officially released version of the product. If you are an experienced user, technical enthusiast, or you are simply curious to see how TSLab program will develop in the future, then this version is for you.
The beta version may contain bugs, you must independently assess the risk of using such versions in your particular environment. We recommend using this version of the program as a tool for testing and optimizing trading strategies.

TSLab Beta requires Windows® 10 (64 bit) operating system