Trading at any market platform

TSLab provides you with connections to all major trading platforms. You will not have to switch your trading preferences every time you access another platform. Manage your account, receive quotes and easily download historical data for further analysis.

TSLab easily integrates with trading platforms, ensuring high performance and reliability of these interactions.

High performance

TSLab interacts directly with broker servers and exchanges. There are no third parties involved in data transmission and order placement. Enabling direct high-speed connection to trading platforms TSLab allows you to make decisions faster and get ahead of the competition. We leverage interaction protocol capabilities and cater to specific trading features to make sure you get the utmost of every exchange.

Reliability and safety

Data transfer security has been a notorious issue with free trading terminals and a major concern with traders. At TSLab, we are committed to data protection and secure connections.

TSLab ensures direct interoperability with global trading platforms and eliminates the bottleneck of transitional servers.

In TSLab, you can perform any account transactions aside from funds withdrawal. TSLab’s multi-level protection won't let intruders harm your account even if your credentials have been compromised.

Scaling and unification

TSLab allows you to set up unlimited connections to data providers.

Each algorithm and interface can have multiple concurrent connections to various platforms. Bundling multiple connections in a single algorithm unlocks great opportunities for proprietary analytics and trading solutions. Security-wise, simultaneous connections to multiple trading platforms mitigate your risk and potential losses.

The all-in-one connection interface allows you to switch easily between multiple connections or instruments while operating within the same algorithm. Need to replace a broker or change an instrument ticker? You’re just a couple clicks away from your goal.

Boost your revenues with !

Leverage TSLab tools for safe trading on your preferred market platforms. Explore new markets, experiment, and reap the benefits.