Customizable interface

One of TSLab perks is the customizable UI that you can modify based on your preferences. We understand the importance of a comfortable working environment with no friction or petty distractions. That’s why we go the extra mile to help you achieve the right look and feel.

Multiple working places.

In TSLab, you can create multiple work places. Feel free to create a space dedicated to algorithm development, or a space where you manage trading robots. Use easy tabs to switch between multiple environments once another space requires your attention.

Control panels

Need to manage trading robots in a semi-automated mode? Create control panes!. A typical pane contains calculated data for your script and control elements to update the logic of your trading agents. Control pane editor helps you position these elements at your convenience.

Customize colors

TSLab provides you with dark and light interface themes.There's also a variety of settings for charts and control panes. You can choose colors for charts and control panes or create custom palettes catering to every single aspect.

Customize charts

In TSLab, you can create an unlimited number of chart panes for the same script. Fill each chart pane with a plethora of instruments, variables, and indicators. Sky is the limit.

Play with flexible visualization settings in Chart or separate elements, and handcraft a nifty pane that best fits your needs. Feel free to customize colors and visualization types: lines, bars, histograms – whatever floats your boat.

Canvas pane

Along with classic timescale charts, TSLab enables you to create relational panes that go beyond time scales. This way, you can visualize the ratio of variables in relation to each other.

The canvas pane helps you build a host of chart types, such as volatility smile, position profile, regressive analysis of two instruments, and more.