Risk manager

Risk management is of paramount importance to traders. Even more so when you trade options!

Utilize TSLab’s built-in Risk Control module to minimize your risks and prevent financial loss. The module’s multiple filters help you create dedicated rules so your trading operations will have to meet pre-defined conditions to go live. You can create a unique combination of filters for trading strategy to protect your investment from market changes.

How does risk control work?

  • The risk management system does not allow the trader to place orders unless any corresponding filters have been applied.
  • If your account is protected with TSLab Risk Control , the module checks for active filters associated with this this account or instrument. Without filters, any order will be blocked.
  • Likewise, if if a placed order does not meet the criteria enforced by active filters, it gets blocked all the same.

User guide and learning materials

Read the TSLab User Guide to learn more about the Risk Control and Management module. Or better – download and install TSLab, and judge for yourself. The picture is worth a thousand words.